Double Pitch Return

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Due to the two directional fall of the water created by the double pitch coping, the return is universal, typical example as follows –

Manufactured from high strength concrete with a smooth finish

Portland Grey.

PLEASE NOTE – Variation in both size and colour may occur during the curing process.

Download Datasheet (258.8 KB)

Universal Corner Outer Edge Inner Edge Height (Max) Height (Min) Weight Drip Grooves Product Code
 140mm  165mm  25mm  50mm  30mm  2.5kg  No  TWC-140
 180mm  390mm  210mm  50mm  30mm  10kg  No  TWC-180
 235mm  415mm  180mm  50mm  30mm  13kg  No  TWC-235
 300mm  350mm  50mm  75mm  50mm  15.5kg  Yes  TWC-300
 375mm  375mm  370mm  75mm  50mm  Yes  TWC-375
 400mm  400mm  400mm  75mm  50mm  22kg  Yes  TWC-400
 450mm  530mm  70mm  75mm  50mm  34kg  Yes  TWC-450
 500mm  N/A