Standard Deckin' Block (A) & Heavy Duty Deckin' Block (B)

DemonstrationA simple but highly effective solution to DIY decking.

Creating your new decking area is easy –

  1. Lay out DECKIN BLOCK at 1M centres, to form a grid
  2. Mark around each block using line spray or lawn edger, set them aside
  3. Remove grass and weeds to approx 50mm depth and fill hole with dry post mix
  4. Re-position DECKIN BLOCKS on prepared areas, using your first block as your datum

Please note – Due to the pallet delivery process we are unable to accept returns of concrete products. Please do ensure you study our product fully and ensure both the correct style and size are ordered either by you or your builder.

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  • Reinforced Concrete Beam (Beam & Block System)

    £4.59 + VAT
  • Standard Deckin’ Block

    £5.47 + VAT
  • Heavy Duty Deckin’ Block

    £6.96 + VAT
  • Deckin’ Block Centre Riser

    £6.52 + VAT
  • Universal Base Plate for Deckin’ Block / Shed Base

    £6.52 + VAT
  • Post Mix

    £4.35 + VAT

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