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Floating Decking System

Have you been dreaming of a decking area for outdoor entertaining for sometime, but found the cost, materials and hard work little overwhelming?

Wrekin Concrete Decking Bloks could be the answer! 

Our decking bloks are a "floating" foundation system for building decks and shed bases. They are made from concrete but the amount contained in them is far less than the amount required to fill the standard deck foundation hole. They are designed to accommodate a vertical 4"x4" post or a 4" x 2"x joist (6" x 2" can also be used with additional support bracing in between).

Not only does it use less concrete than a standard foundation, but it doesn't requiring digging out either, giving an overall more cost effective and less labour intensive result.

A further advantage of a floating deck is the option to relocate the structure, so if design plans change over time, the floating foundations can easily be moved accordigly, with minimal damage left behind at the original site.

Our Wrekin Concrete Decking Block can also be used to create foundations for sheds, summer houses or garden offices - fast, effective and ideal for todays modern outdoor living!

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